Florida Military Schools

In Florida, there are several military schools available for consideration by  young men and women who wish to advance their academic and leadership skills in a rigorous environment.

Admiral Farragut Academy

Photo: Official Website
Photo: Official Website

St. Petersburg, FL – Coed

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Admiral Farragut Academy is a private college preparatory school admitting students from PreK3 through grade 12, with boarding opportunities available for students starting with grade 8.

Originally founded in 1933 in  Pine Beach, New Jersey as a college preparatory military-style school, the Academy grew to such popularity that it opened its current campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, which remains the only campus open today.

Extracurricular Activities

Admiral Farragut Academy offers students the ability to learn  multiple languages, participate in one of 21 athletic teams, take aviation courses, or earn a private pilot license. For those more interested in the sea than the sky, students may participate in hands-on marine science training at the campus’ waterfront.

The Academy also offers a NJROTC program, one of only two Honor Naval Academies in the United States.

Opportunities for Growth


To ensure that students have the ability to prepare for a variety of future collegiate and professional opportunities, Admiral Farragut Academy offers college partnership programs, and professional certification opportunities. The Academy has entered into partnerships with Embry-Riddle University, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and St. Petersburg College.

Additional Information

To request information about admissions, complete the Academy’s online request form, or review their admissions process check list.

Southeastern Military Academy

Photo: TampaBay.com
Photo: TampaBay.com

Port St. Lucie, FL – All-Male

A private military school located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Southeastern Military Academy admits male cadets in grades 6 through 12. Southeastern Military Academy’s goal is to guide young men to reform behavioral problems and antisocial behavior and live in an environment free from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. To achieve reform in its cadets, the Academy’s culture is predicated on the principles of loyalty, duty, respect, self-sacrifice, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

Fresh Start

The Academy offers a positive alternative to at-risk young men, offering a fresh start, positive role models, emotional support, and a high quality education, all in a structured, disciplined environment.

To successfully rehabilitate troubled youth,  the foundation of Southeastern Military Academy offers a positive behavior program. With its educational programs registered by the Florida Department of Education, each student works at his own level of learning, and support is provided to students who are in need of individualized attention or who are managing a learning disability.

In addition, each child is given daily chores and work assignments to reinforce the importance of discipline and personal responsibility. With a holistic focus on each student from a behavioral, academic, and physical perspective, the ultimate goal of Southeastern Military Academy is to return young men to society as productive, confident young men.

Admission Info

All youth who want to be considered for enrollment must have an enrollment summary completed by a parent or guardian, accompanied by a signed release for access to records from former psychiatrists, psychologists, and school counselors.

Summerlin Military Academy

Photo: Official Website
Photo: Official Website

Bartow, FL – All-Male

The Summerlin Institute traces its institutional lineage to an 1858 one-room schoolhouse built in the community of Fort Blount. As the first brick schoolhouse built in the state of Florida south of Jacksonville, the institute continued to grow and expand through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, transforming from Bartow High School to the South Florida Military Institute, and eventually to The South Florida Military College.

History in Brief

Its combination with Union Academy, an institution that was established in 1887 and developed into a pioneering educational institution for African-Americans, eventually resulted in the present day Summerlin Academy.

With over 125 years of history as an educational institution offering academic and military excellence, the mission of the present day Academy, located in Bartow, Florida, is to motivate students to become better citizens by promoting academic achievement, personal accountability, civic responsibility, and leadership skills.

Focus on College Prep

Summerlin Academy provides highly motivated students in grades 9-12 with the opportunity to participate in a challenging and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. The school features a military-style approach designed to achieve the highest academic standards and leadership skills.

Graduates historically transition to West Point, Annapolis, New York University, Florida Southern College, the University of Florida, and other highly ranked educational institutions.

In addition to advanced placement, honors, and dual-enrollment courses, students may choose from foreign language and elective courses such as SCUBA diving, equestrian, forensic science, archery, Judo, competitive sports teams, and JROTC programs. Cadets also learn the value of public citizenship through their work volunteering with a specialized community service program.

Additional Information

Several scholarship opportunities are available to interested students. Open enrollment to Summerlin Academy begins in November and closes in January of the following year. Those interested in attending Summerlin Academy should visit the Polk County Office of Magnet, Choice, and Federal programs website and click on the Magnet/Choice option.

Hollywood Hills Military Academy

Photo: Official Website
Photo: Official Website

Hollywood, FL – Coed

Located in Hollywood, Florida, Hollywood Hills Military Academy is open to male and female students in grades 9-12. Cadets complete a four-year intensive program focusing on the development of academic excellence, personal leadership, and community service. The goal of the Hollywood Hills Military Academy is to prepare cadets with the life skills necessary to achieve success in major universities, service academies, and society.

Curriculum & Opportunities

Hollywood Hills Military Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum that allows cadets to accumulate the maximum number of college level credits.

Cadets are placed in all honors and advanced placement classes and are given the opportunity to receive industry certifications through elective coursework for those whose goal is to enter the workforce with advanced technical or vocational skills in a particular field.

With a focus on military style leadership training in a disciplined environment, The Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in such extracurricular activities as the Raider military skills team, the drill and ceremony team, the marksmanship team, the color guard, and the academic leadership team.

How to Apply

Those interested in admission may apply online through the Magnet School application process.

Sarasota Military Academy

Photo: Official Facebook
Photo: Official Facebook

Sarasota, FL – Coed

Offering both a Military Academy Prep school for grades 6 ‘” 8 and a Military Academy for high school students, Sarasota Military Academy aims to provide high school students with the highest quality college preparatory education possible, incorporating the principles of leadership, discipline, patriotism, compassion, and honor in a military environment.

To foster the goals of international students, the Academy offers an International Baccalaureate (IB) program for motivated students looking to challenge themselves academically.

JROTC Activities

Operating within a military-style setting, the Sarasota Military Academy offers such JROTC activities as color guard, drill team, raiders military skills team, and a rifle team. In addition, The Academy offers such classes as fencing, self defense, and weight-lifting as incentives for students to enjoy their academic experience while developing leadership skills.

A State Rich with History Guiding the Next Generation of Leaders

As a state founded on the progress of America’s military successes, both the private senior and public junior college military school options located in Florida provide young men and women with a foundation for success.

All of the military schools in Florida place an emphasis on discipline, personal leadership, and academic integrity. With opportunities to prepare students for a future in the armed forces, an institution of higher learning, or a vocational trade, the military schools in Florida are continuing their tradition of fostering our nation’s next generation of leaders.