Maine Military Schools

The motto of the state of Maine is the Latin “dirigo,” meaning, “I lead.” Maine’s citizens hold a place in American history as exceptional maritime leaders, shipbuilders, and sea captains, and for their leadership in maritime affairs.

Those living in the state of Maine with a desire to become leaders in either the maritime or private industries have convenient access to the Maine Maritime Academy, as well as nearby Norwich University.

Founded in 1941, and located along Maine’s rocky coastline, the Maine Maritime Academy is ideally positioned to prepare students academically within the structure of a maritime environment.

In addition, Norwich University, a senior college located in Northfield Vermont, offers a Corps of Cadets program that reinforces personal leadership and discipline through rigorous military programming.

Both schools aim to provide a framework for academic success, college preparedness, and personal accountability, in order to produce our nation’s future leaders.

Maine Maritime Academy

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

The Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) is a public, co-educational college located in Castine, Maine. MMA’s focus is to prepare students to obtain leadership positions in their desired fields, becoming mariners, engineers, supply chain managers, logistics professionals, and scientists.

Highly Ranked School

MMA’s programs have been so successful that the Academy consistently ranks as one of the nation’s best engineering schools by U.S. News and World Report, and it earned the number one spot in Money Magazine’s Best Colleges list in 2014 as the number one best public college. Such accolades have been earned thanks in part to MMA’s high student retention, graduation, and job-placement rates, all of which are in excess of 90 percent within 90 days of graduation.

MMA students are not obligated to serve in the armed forces after graduation, though many choose to do so. Graduates pursue careers as officers in the U.S. Merchant Marines or the U.S. armed forces while others earn degrees in association with Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine, or The Landing School in Arundel, Maine.

Student Body and Life

To ensure an academic focus on the development of each individual student, MMA maintains a small enrollment of approximately 950 students. It offers two undergraduate degrees and sixteen academic majors in four maritime-related fields: engineering; international business and logistics; marine sciences; and marine transportation, while the Graduate Studies program offers a Master of Science in global logistics and maritime management.

MMA strives to not only provide challenging coursework inside the classroom, but practical application of studies in real-world environments. MMA students benefit from hands-on experiences aboard the training ship State of Maine or the Schooner Bowdoin aboard commercial vessels, and from cooperative education assignments. These experiences are invaluable for the career development of MMA students as many earn employment upon graduate with companies they work for during cadet shipping or cooperative education assignments.

Regiment of Midshipmen

MMA students may choose to follow a traditional college lifestyle, or participate in the  Regiment of Midshipmen. The structure and discipline of the Regiment of Midshipman program offers a more challenging physical and mental developmental opportunity, and is required for certain marine-focused majors, and for students seeking an unlimited license from the U. S. Coast Guard. Approximately 70 percent of MMA students choose to participate in the regiment.

Enrollment and Information

Minimum  college-preparatory academic requirements are necessary for enrollment in certain majors. Prospective students are encouraged to attend an open house admission event. Those interested enrollment in MMA should contact the undergraduate or graduate admissions offices, or apply online.

Additional Service Academies

Maine residents looking for a nearby military senior college may also want to consider Norwich University. Located in the neighboring state of Vermont, Norwich was the first private military college in the United States and was the birthplace of the reserve officer training corps (ROTC). Norwich looks to graduate exceptional young leaders by focusing on the values of personal discipline, integrity, confidence, loyalty and honor. Norwich maintains a rigorous academic environment that emphasizes interactive classes, faculty mentors, and hands-on learning. Graduates are equally positioned for success in the Corps of Cadets or a career in private industry.

Norwich provides diverse military opportunities for students that desire the disciplined environment of the Corps of Cadets, as Norwich houses all four branches of the armed services. During Corps leadership training, cadets learn to overcome challenges, take personal responsibility, and support their fellow cadets. By offering an environment in which cadets share a campus with civilian students, Norwich University offers all of its enrollees a mutually beneficial learning environment. In addition to Norwich’s nationally recognized academic and Corps of Cadets programs, the University’s athletic programs are equally lauded. The University also offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of student clubs and organizations, intramurals, and volunteer programs.

Ideal candidates for admission will have completed four years of English and Math, three to four years of laboratory science, three years of social science, and two years of foreign language. Interested students should consider scheduling a campus visit and should familiarize themselves with tuition costs and financial aid opportunities. Interested students may apply online.

Considering Maine’s Options

America’s 23rd state has produced some of the nation’s most accomplished shipbuilders and mariners in our nation’s history. Today, the Maine Maritime Academy produces elite mariners, engineers, and scientists, all of which share the goal of the state’s founders to act as leader in both maritime and private industries. ¬†Residents also have convenient access to nearby Norwich University, which offers rigorous academics and leadership development opportunities for both its civilian students and its Corps of Cadets. With two conveniently located academies from which to obtain a disciplined military education, residents of Maine are poised to continue the state’s tradition of leadership excellence on land and sea.