North Carolina Military Schools

North Carolina is the home to several important U.S. Military bases. More than 30 secondary schools in the state offer JROTC opportunities. Two of those  schools  are specifically military schools.

The Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis is part of the Magnet program for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, and the Oak Ridge Military Academy is a school for grades 7-12.

Military &  Global Leadership Academy

Photo: Official Website
Photo: Official Website

If you are a parent interested in a military environment for your student in a public school setting, the Military and Global Leadership Academy might be an excellent option to consider. As part of the Magnet school system of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, this school requires participation in the JROTC program for grades 9 through 12.

Maintaining a Military Environment

The academy has a co-ed student body, and everyone wears uniforms styled after those of the U.S. Army. While the structure is fully military-themed, it avoids any aspect of a boot camp culture. Rather, the curriculum is focused on developing a sense of responsibility while gaining added insights and education in areas such as geography, economics and politics.

Students attending the school do not incur any military obligation. However, the program is considered helpful to those considering the military service or pursuing an appointment to one of the federal service academies. The school has a core mission of preparing students to ‘understand and choose the best postsecondary educational opportunities.’

If you or your student has questions about the appropriateness of the Military and Global Leadership Academy as a good fit, the school has prepared a helpful survey and profile quiz to help with the decision process.

Going Beyond the Academics

The special aspects of the academy’s focus go beyond a rigorous and well-respected academic curriculum. There is an emphasis on developing leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as a well-honed sense of the connection between the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Of interest to many parents in this day of international turmoil is the fact that the academy offers the first public school secondary level Arabic language program.

Application to the school has several requirements and deadlines, including a private placement interview.

Oak Ridge Military Academy


You won’t find but a handful of military schools in the United States with a longer and more hallowed tradition than that of Oak Ridge Military Academy. Founded in 1852, Oak Ridge is a co-ed private school with a nationally known reputation, and it boasts of being ‘The Official Military Academy of North Carolina.’

While the Academy suspended its classes during the Civil War, many of its students served. Additionally, hundreds of graduates of the Oak Ridge have served in the nation’s military, and conflicts, with 42 ORMI alumni making the ultimate sacrifice in WWII. At the same time, the school has been successful in maintaining its ‘timeless values while transforming its methods to help your child be successful in today’s ever-changing world.’

Character, Knowledge and Influence

Leadership development and training is at the core of all that Oak Ridge Military Academy stands for, and it identifies character, knowledge and influence as the integral components of true leadership. All of its programs and curriculum are designed to reinforce these three aspects of person growth and development.

Because of this long tradition of commitment to excellence, Oak Ridge has a thorough applications process. The goal of this multi-step effort is to ensure an appropriate match between each cadet’s capabilities and expectations and the school’s high standards. The details of the decision process include evaluation of ‘academic potential as indicated by standardized testing, academic transcripts, evaluation of character references and recommendations, personal abilities, attitudes and talents.’

While each cadet receives personalized attention and mentoring, the school’s environment is highly structured and disciplined. Moreover, the school makes it clear that it is unable to customize its academics or programs to meet the needs or special requirements of individual cadets.

Affordability and Accessibility

As a private institution, Oak Ridge survives based on the tuition it charges. While some parents have questions about the costs, the school provides an excellent discussion of this topic on its website. This is a good read for any parent considering a military school option. The school also has a formal program for helping deserving students secure financial aid.

Advanced Military School Opportunities

These two schools offer excellent options for secondary education and college preparatory programs. If you are considering education beyond the 12th grade, you’ll find senior military schools in nearby South Carolina and just north in Virginia and Georgia.